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Friday, September 14, 2012

LBI Fishing Report-Early September

The fishing in LBI has been some of the best action we have had in years.  Labor day weekend was a very successful end to the "summer season".  I had a great charter with Paul Garfinkel and his friend Jay.  The two experienced fishermen wanted a relaxing day on the water, so we set out to one of my favorite "hot spots" for some bottom fishing.  Unfortunately, they didn't have much time to relax.  From the moment we put the lines down we had continuous action for six hours.  Bottom fishing doesn't usually work this way.  There are periods of action followed by periods of down time, based on the tide and currents.  We ended the day catching over forty fluke and 10 keepers up to 5lbs.  On the way in, I spotted a bunker pod which appeared to have some sort of predator underneath by the way the bunker we acting.  I grabbed a spinning outfit I always keep ready for such circumstances and casted into the school of frenzied bunker.  We were immediately hooked up and the battle was on.  I have caught many sharks this way and assumed we had another shark on the line by the way the fish was fighting.  The fish began spooling the small spinning outfit so I handed the rod to Jay who took the rod up to the bow and I began chasing after the fish with the boat.  This went on for 40 minutes until we got the fish to the top of the water.  I was prepared to cut the line because I thought we had a shark.  I did not have a gaff on the boat.  To our surprise, a large cobia appeared on the top of the water.  I grabbed the net and somehow scooped the fish out of the water and into the boat.  We were thrilled to have such a trophy fish in the boat to cap off such a great day of fishing.  The cobia weighed in at 38lbs and was the first cobia I have ever heard of caught off LBI.  Cobia is a delicious tasting fish and I was happy to share fresh fillets with my friends and neighbors.



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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

LBI Fishing Report-Record Fluke Caught for the Compass Rose

Congratulations to Emily Losier who is now the new record holder for the largest fluke ever caught on my boat in the 12 years I have been charter fishing.  Emily's fluke tipped the scales at 8.62lbs and measured 28.5"!!!  The Losier family was down from Boston and chartered my boat for the 2nd straight year in a row.  Last year's trip went very well and everyone had a great time so we were hoping for a similar experience.  No one expected one of the best fishing trips with 3 Fluke over 5.5lbs and several others in the 4lb range.  They ended the day with 8 keepers which is great for a half day trip.  Emily was again high hook on the boat for the 2nd straight year.  She claims her special jigging technique and pop music playing on the Sirius Satellite is the key to her success. Her fluke was the largest fluke weighed in at the Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club since the year 2000.

The next day we returned to the same spot and again caught a nice 5lb 26" fluke.  The seas were very rough and we had trouble holding bottom with 10 ounces of weight.  We also caught a nice blue headed sea bass and some Taylor size blues.





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Friday, August 10, 2012

LBI Reef Fishing Report-Fluke & Bass

The fluke and sea bass fishing can't get much better.  The local reefs and wrecks are holding large numbers of fluke and the sea bass have completed their summer spawn and are back to feeding aggressively.  As long as the conditions provide for a drift over the reef area, you will be rewarded with a nice catch.  I have had numerous trips out to the reefs which have produced many Fluke upwards of 5lbs.  We have been using gulp bait and live peanut bunker which I personally cast net for each evening for a trip.  I like to call these peanut bunker "fluke candy" because they appear to be irresistible to the doormat fluke.  Keep your lines jigging when you are using the gulp bait....dead sticking doesn't work that well.  I have a few dates available towards the end of the month and into September.  

Here is a picture of a 5lb fluke we picked off of a wreck last week off Atlantic City....


Tight Lines!!  Capt. Dave


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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LBI Beach Haven Fishing Report-Inshore and Offshore

August is upon us and we are in peak season for both inshore and offshore fishing.  The inshore fishing grounds have been producing nice numbers of fluke, sea bass, and blues.  The water in the bay has warmed to the point where almost all of the fishing is now being concentrated along the ocean lumps and near shore reefs.  This past week reported some excellent catches of keeper fluke and a nice pick of sea bass.  The sea bass have just about finished their annual July spawn and are back to feeding.  The blues are smaller cocktail size as their big brothers have mostly migrated north and are vacationing off Cape Cod for the month of August.

This past weekend was the Beach Haven White Marlin Invitational which is sponsored by the BHM&TC which I am a member. I captained the Reel Style during the tournament.  The three day tournament was turned into 2 days due to heavy seas on Thursday.  All but one boat stayed at the dock and by the reports I heard from my friends was that the boat took a real beating in the heavy seas.  On Friday, we made our way out to the Tom's Canyon and caught a nice white marlin, which we released and boated a chunky 50 lb yellow-fin tuna.  The second day we did not boat any fish but a real big tuna did get away....and it's not a fish story.


I still have some good dates available for some inshore reef fishing through the end of fluke season.  Give me a call or send me an email to reserve your date.  Do not forget to check my availability calender before requesting your date...I keep it pretty up to date.


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Monday, July 16, 2012

LBI Fishing Report-Beach Haven Deep Sea Reef Fishing

The fishing season is finally under way and we had a pretty nice start.  The open boat on Saturday out to the GSS Reef produced 18 Fluke and a few sea bass.  The keeper ratio was not it's best but there was steady action and calm seas.  The water was very clean with light winds.


Monday's charter went to the same spot.  We had strong storms during the night and steady winds so I wasn't sure it was going to be a fish-able day.  The morning brought beautiful fishing conditions with a steady breeze that was just enough to give a perfect drift and relief from the hot temperatures on land. Paul Buchhofer treated his three son-in-laws to a day on the water.  The fishing was slow to start but picked up nicely as the tide changed and the drift picked up.  We ended the day catching 13 fluke with three making it into the ice chest.  The largest fluke was 21" and was caught by Paul who had karma on his side.

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